An tSli
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An tSlí Project — An tSli
Release date : Jul. 13, 2018
Label : Long Tale Recordings
  1. Wildpipes (Píobaireacht Fhiáin)
  2. Down the River of the World (Síos Abhainn an Domhain)
  3. This Way and That (Anonn Agus Anall) , By the Tree of Life (Ag Crann Na Beatha)
  4. The Way (An Slí)
  5. The West Keel Reel , the Path of Glory (Slí Na Glóire)
  6. Lullaby (An Suantraí)
  7. Ducto Angelico (An tSlí Na Caillí Feasa)
  8. More Fools Than Wise (Níos Mó Ama Ná Fir Ciallmha)
  9. The Path to the Shore ( An Bóthar Ar an Gcladach) , the Song of the Swan (Amhrán Na n-Eala)
  10. Farewell My Joys (Slán Mo áthas)
  11. Over Across the Way (Taobh Thall Den Tsráid) , Call My Sisters Name (Glaoch Ar Ainm Mo Dheirfiúr)
  12. A Sad Song (Amhrán Brónach)
  13. I Was (Bhí Mé) , Following the Deer (An Fia a Leanúint) , Ways and Customs (Nósanna Agus Gnásanna)
  14. The Salamander (An Salamandar)
  15. The Wise Salmon (An Bradán Feasa)


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Mr Longtale says: A few years back I worked on some extraordinary albums. 1 Syriana where i met Bernard O’Neill. He was introduced to me by my long time buddy Count Dubulah. That was an extraordinary record. A little after that Dubulah turned up with the critically acclaimed 2. Xaos project.

All this made Me Longtale very happy as it was just phab music, created with passion, imagination and sophistication. Roll forward 18 months and then Bernard O’Neill drops me a line and starts playing me this weird Irish music he has been creating. I am pretty familiar with traditional Irish music as I have worked with Iarla O’Lionaird , Pol Brennan and Peadar O’Riada for over 20 years now.

I knew Bernard would be plundering his roots but imagine my surprise when I started to listen to the first demo’s and then heard the songs develop. The work just got better and better and we realised that we had something special on our hands.

It’s getting some fabulous reactions from some very cool people. Mr Longtale likes working with inspirational projects and this is one of them..

Check the music out, disappear into a lush emerald world and enjoy the journey.. An tSli is a special recording…